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I'm a passionate communications and marketing executive who develops effective, creative, compelling, content-rich campaigns through results-driven communications, content strategy and content marketing, storytelling, marketing, brand management and public relations. I consider myself a facilitator of change, using clear audience-specific content and innovative delivery channels to drive engagement and buy-in. 

A highlight of my career is leading teams. I'm a results-oriented contemporary leader adept at motivating a team to work cohesively towards a common goal while mentoring individual players to grow into their strengths. I pride myself on my visionary qualities and ability to implement tactical execution of these dynamic and engaging ideas. As a creative strategist, I'm highly skilled at conceptualizing strong marketing and communications campaigns that resonate with audiences through clear messaging, robust brand identity and creative storytelling.




  • Served as key communications member of cross-functional teams for companywide initiatives; responsibilities included developing campaign narratives and FAQs, scripting leader messages and talking points, reinforcing change-management principles across cascaded messaging and contributing to intranet strategy/execution for design and content.

  • Performed as strategic communications adviser for sensitive company programs, including acquisitions and partnerships, new-business ventures, staff restructuring, project shutdowns and responses to industry headwinds. 

  • Supported Product, Revenue, Strategy & Ventures, Medical Affairs, Legal and Investor Relations teams as communications business partner through leadership counseling, key message development and communications planning and execution.

  • Planned, managed and moderated live companywide Q&A sessions with CEO.



  • Managed team responsible for communicating strategic and operational information to 65,000 employees.

  • Partnered cross-functionally to guide, craft and distribute content across multiple business units and platforms, including rebuilding team relationships and reputation as communications thought-partners and strategists.

  • Synthesized messaging and counseling C-suite members and senior leadership on employee communications and town halls.

  • Developed and executed data-driven plan to modernize communications architecture and processes, with improvements to email channels that pushed companywide open rates above 65% and work to revamp intranet with new content management system.




  • Awarded "Spotlight on Excellence" accolade within first 9 months of joining company in recognition of effective communications strategy and impact, high level of performance and overall business contributions.

  • Drove culture campaigns and messaging initiatives, contributing to 160% YoY growth in eNPS and 17% YoY growth in company Glassdoor rating, as well as highest Glassdoor rating in 2+ years; communications saw 21-point YoY favorable difference in annual employee survey and +17 delta to provider benchmark.

  • Composed and hosted original podcast featuring interviews with senior executives, offering leadership advice and career-development tips.

  • Designed and launched global culture messaging framework with C-suite buy-in; initial materials received highest historical employee response on internal social media network.

  • Developed strategy to infuse employee experience and employer brand into external social media presence, with 6-month LinkedIn results of 300% increase in daily new followers and engagement rate, 40% jump in overall daily visitor traffic and unique visitors.

  • Conceived of and executed global employee engagement and support campaigns during COVID-19 pandemic, with positive direct audience response.

  • As a member of the Human Resources Leadership Team, offered counsel and ideas on organizational strategy, priorities and initiatives.

  • Compiled and authored cross-functional COVID-19 Return to Office Guide for all employees at 33 locations worldwide, along with office-specific guidelines and materials.

  • Crafted DE&I messaging strategies and presentations in advance of company hiring first Chief Diversity & Social Responsibility Officer.

  • Devised and created promotional and informational collateral and communications for Customer Education, Talent Acquisition, Employee & Organizational Development, People Operations and Total Rewards teams.

  • Wrote, scripted and advised on internal and external communications, including thought leadership articles, for multiple C-suite members and senior executives during pandemic crisis.



  • Directed organizational, operational and executive leadership communications through multiple messaging channels for audiences of more than 40,000 to position and convey new product introductions; initiative launches; and workflow, process and policy updates. 

  • Led the communications component of an organizational-level strategic initiative to promote employee adoption of a set of behavioral principles designed to improve customer and intra-company interactions. 

  • Increased read rates by 625% in six months by conceptualizing a new content management system (CMS) that optimized and compiled information in an easy-to-navigate database. 

  • Drove initiatives and messaging through brand communications, value propositions and content strategies; designed, authored and distributed newsletters; scripted and directed videos; created and maintained social media presence; and planned and promoted events. 

  • Reduced incident rates and customer calls by evaluating problem areas in Environmental Health and Safety, Customer Care, Marketing and Product Development departments and mitigating through staff education and optimized messaging. 

  • Established and implemented integration tactics to maintain staff morale during significant post-acquisition changes, including cultural and facilities changes, through clear and positive internal messaging, communications and marketing. 

  • Served as Communications leader for the Denver-area employee engagement and DE&I/corporate social responsibility committees. 

  • Mentored and coached junior members of the communication team, overseeing daily workload and contributing to their annual reviews. 

  • Managed and maintained relationships with external executive and frontline technical vendors, communicated information on workflow and systematic changes, contract updates, incentive changes and other impacts. 

  • Won acompanywide systems-improvement competition with the creation of an enterprise-level strategic plan to improve and streamline corporate communications via a centralized web-based application system.



  • Functioned as change agent, leading strategic and tactical communication initiatives during the rollover from DIRECTV to AT&T, creating compelling messaging for staff buy-in during culture and management changes.

  • Developed creative messaging, value propositions and content strategies based on baseline KPIs for customer contact and service instances; pushed marketing campaigns and technical information to staff, vendors and users.

  • Led a team responsible for shaping product, operational, initiative and policy communications and adoption for audiences of more than 15,000 while managing the departmental budget.

  • Created branding campaigns and product, feature and intra-company announcements while working with a cross-functional team of subject matter experts, marketing professionals and senior leadership.

  • Utilized a suite of multimedia communication channels, including email, social media and videos, to create and distribute information to internal departments and management, as well as external vendors.  

  • Invented and launched an internal podcast as a new channel for messaging and content distribution. 

  • Designed, branded and implemented an innovative internal messaging architecture that generated higher audience readership and content buy-in. 

  • Recognized with the “Customer Experience Champion” award for development of enterprise-level educational video content that was used cross-departmentally to improve the customer experience. 

  • As Project Manager, led field implementation and equipment closeout initiative as a stretch assignment.



  • Strategized the organizational marketing plan that drove company growth, established the positioning and approach that allowed for successful entry into desired markets and industries.

  • Branded the company through presentations and promotional opportunities for target partners, aiding senior leadership in developing go-to-market plans and navigating the challenges of the industry’s environment. 

  • Researched and authored white papers on industries and services to build credibility while appealing to potential marketing partners and vendors. 



  • As an agency marketing consultant, drove branding and marketing for a portfolio of B2B and B2C clients by:

    • Creating and implementing brand guides, generating website copy and expressing brand personalities through engaging and creative company backgrounds and product information sheets. 

    • Relaunching and rebranding clients by identifying new names, establishing brand identity and creating personality through compelling press releases, social media and customer communiqués. 

    • Authoring over 200 collateral pieces across a variety of industries and product lines. 



  • Grew readership by 320% in just 18 months through networking and word-of-mouth marketing strategy. 

  • Doubled the industry-standard open rate through improved e-mail blasts and well-authored content. 

  • Developed presentation strategy for advertisers, syndicators, researchers and special events. 



  • Wrote reports and long-form columns for daily and weekly e-blasts, website and weekly magazine

  • Successfully spearheaded launch of R&R brand into Canada, with extension strategies resulting in subscriber increase and repeated invitations to participate in annual national Canadian convention

  • Conceived, organized, secured panelists for and operated sessions at company conventions

  • Moderated sessions and served as panelist at industry conventions

  • Promoted twice for work excellence

    A few sample articles are available on my Other Work & Interests page.



  • Co-developed and executed campaign for exposure of Motorola-Palm prototype smartphone

  • Successfully placed clients in major media outlets including the Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribuneand Fortune

  • Managed new-business development research



  • Co-developed and executed media exposure campaigns for clients Motorola and 

  • Successfully placed clients in major media outlets including Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle and San Francisco Chronicle



  • Recognized with two national PRSA "Silver Anvil" awards

  • Executed campaign for media exposure of clients BankBoston and Oracle eTravel

  • Successfully placed clients in major media outlets including Good Morning America, Reuters, Time, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Fortune and Boston Globe

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