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I’m a passionate communications and brand leader, driven by the immense impact that a good narrative and strategic messaging has on organizations, including increasing employee engagement and productivity, as well as attracting new business, generating customer devotion and managing through crises. 


A great creative campaign lights me up. As a skilled communications strategist and storyteller, I’ve developed effective, creative and robust content strategies that resonate with internal and external audiences of all sizes and locations, from local startups to mid-sized global organizations with dispersed workforces and Fortune 10-sized companies. 


I easily engender trust, so I quickly forge positive relationships at all levels – especially with C-suite and senior leaders – positioning me well as a strategic thought partner and advisor, subject matter expert and collaborative resource. My authentic and easygoing nature helps me build bonds among teams I lead, enabling me to motivate them to work collaboratively toward common goals that support business strategies, while also mentoring and coaching individual players to develop their strengths.


I keep an eye on the future and facilitate change, which I’ve demonstrated by successfully crafting messaging that achieves buy-in during transformational initiatives. I’m also tech-savvy and data-driven, talents I’ve leveraged to modernize and overhaul communications delivery channels to reach users with new technologies – where and how they want to be reached. 


I’m also:

  • Allergic to the phrase “we’ve always done it this way”

  • Quick to learn new industries and businesses, with experience in high-tech, healthcare, med-tech, entertainment and financial industries

  • A beta-tester who speaks both “Engineer” and English, so I can easily distill highly technical language down to easy-to-understand concepts

  • Comfortable on-camera and in front of large audiences

  • An outgoing and engaging MC, and my alter ego DJ Kosmik K comes out to occasionally host events 

  • Great at facilitating unique and fun team-building activities



July 2023 - February 2024

  • Counseled global cross-functional teams on issues and impacts for strategic companywide initiatives; responsibilities included developing campaign narratives and FAQs, scripting leader messages and talking points, reinforcing change-management principles across cascaded messaging and contributing to intranet strategy/execution regarding design and content for audience of 10,500 global employees. 

  • Performed as strategic communications advisor on sensitive programs, including four acquisitions and partnerships, two new business ventures, global organizational and staff restructuring, responses to industry headwinds and three project shutdowns.

  • Supported multiple C-suite and senior executives, including the CEO, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Medical Officer, along with Product, Revenue, Strategy & Ventures, Medical Affairs, Legal and Investor Relations teams, as communications business partner through leadership counseling, key message development and communications planning and execution.

  • Planned, managed and personally moderated live companywide Q&A sessions with CEO.


July 2021 - July 2023

  • Led team of nine accountable for messaging company strategy, operational information, events and DEI programs to 65,000 employees, contributing to five-point YoY jump on employee engagement survey.

  • Developed and executed data-driven plan to innovate communications architecture and processes, with improvements to email channels that achieved companywide open rates of over 65%, in addition to project to revamp intranet with new content management system.

  • Rebuilt team relationships and reputation as collaborative thought-partners and strategists.

  • Directed communications strategy for sensitive company initiatives, including external reputational threats and crisis response; staff restructuring; acquisitions and partnerships; and federal, state and municipal COVID-19 regulation compliance.

  • Synthesized messaging and talking points and counseled C-suite and senior executives, including the CEO, COO, CIO, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Accounting Officer, on employee communications, speaking opportunities and town halls.

  • Partnered cross-functionally to guide, craft and distribute content across business units and platforms.

  • Mentored junior team members and co-workers for professional and performance excellence, resulting in three promotions.



November 2019 - July 2021

  • Awarded "Spotlight on Excellence" accolade by Chairman/CEO within first nine months of joining company in recognition of effective communications strategy and impact, high performance and business contributions.

  • Directed global culture campaigns and messaging initiatives, contributing to 160% YoY growth in eNPS, 17% YoY growth in company Glassdoor rating and highest Glassdoor rating in 2+ years; communications generated 21-point YoY favorable difference in annual employee survey and +17 delta to provider benchmark.

  • Designed global culture branding framework, which launched to highest historical employee response on internal social media network.

  • Developed strategy to infuse employee engagement and employer brand into external social media presence, with six-month LinkedIn results of 300% increase in daily new followers and engagement rate, 40% jump in overall daily visitor traffic.

  • As a member of the HR Leadership Team reporting directly to the Chief Human Resources Officer, provided counsel and ideas on organizational strategy, priorities and initiatives.

  • Wrote, scripted and advised on internal and external communications comprising thought leadership articles, videos, talking points and issues response, for C-suite and senior executives, including CEO, CTO and CHRO.


April 2013 - November 2019

  • Directed organizational, executive leadership, strategic and operational communications for audience of 40,000 to convey new product introductions, initiative launches and workflow and policy updates.

  • Increased read rates by 625% in six months through designing a new content management system (CMS) that optimized and compiled information in an easy-to-navigate database.

  • Functioned as change agent by leading strategic and tactical communication initiatives during company acquisition, creating compelling messaging for staff buy-in during culture and management changes.

  • Drove initiatives and messaging through brand communications, value propositions and content strategies; designed, authored and distributed newsletters; scripted and directed videos and podcasts; created and maintained social media presence; and planned and promoted events.

  • Managed team of three who developed creative messaging, branding campaigns, value propositions, technical information and content strategies for customer, vendor and service contacts.

  • Recognized by company Chairman/CEO with the "Customer Experience Champion" award for developing enterprise-level content used cross-departmentally to improve the customer experience.

  • Served as Communications leader for the Denver-area employee engagement and DEI committees, aiding 40-point YoY eNPS growth among local employees.


September 2012 - April 2013

  • Generated and guided branding and marketing for a portfolio of seven B2B and B2C clients.

  • Established client editorial voices through creation and implementation of brand guides, website copy and brand personalities through engaging and creative company backgrounds and product information language.

  • Fostered client brand growth through comprehensive multi-platform social media strategy and execution.

  • Relaunched and rebranded clients by identifying new names, establishing brand identity and creating personality through compelling press releases and customer communiqués.


September 2012 - April 2013

  • Strategized the organizational marketing plan that powered company growth, established positioning and approach that allowed for successful entry into desired markets and industries.

  • Drove company branding through presentations and promotional opportunities for target partners.

  • Aided senior executives in developing go-to-market plans and navigating challenges of industry environment.


September 2009 - June 2012

  • Grew readership by 320% in just 18 months through networking and word-of-mouth marketing strategy. 

  • Doubled the industry-standard open rate through improved e-mail blasts and well-authored content. 

  • Developed presentation strategy for advertisers, syndicators, researchers and special events. 


February 2002 - June 2009

  • Wrote reports and long-form columns for daily and weekly e-blasts, website and weekly magazine

  • Successfully spearheaded launch of R&R brand into Canada, with extension strategies resulting in subscriber increase and repeated invitations to participate in annual national Canadian convention

  • Conceived, organized, secured panelists for and operated sessions at company conventions

  • Moderated sessions and served as panelist at industry conventions

  • Promoted twice for work excellence

    A few sample articles are available on my Other Work & Interests page.


September 2000 - May 2001

  • Co-developed and executed campaign for exposure of Motorola-Palm prototype smartphone

  • Successfully placed clients in major media outlets including the Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribuneand Fortune

  • Managed new-business development research


October 1999 - September 2000

  • Co-developed and executed media exposure campaigns for clients Motorola and 

  • Successfully placed clients in major media outlets including Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle and San Francisco Chronicle


June 1998 - October 1999

  • Recognized with two national PRSA "Silver Anvil" awards

  • Executed campaign for media exposure of clients BankBoston and Oracle eTravel

  • Successfully placed clients in major media outlets including Good Morning America, Reuters, Time, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Fortune and Boston Globe

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