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Awards and kudos


I was awarded the companywide "Spotlight on Excellence" accolade by CSG's President/CEO within my first 9 months of joining the company in recognition of my effective communications strategy and impact, high level of performance and overall business contributions. My efforts in focusing culture messaging and cohesively messaging COVID-19 impacts and business decisions, including my ability to conceive of and deliver high-quality and impactful campaigns despite still being "on the learning curve" for my role and the company, contributed to my receiving this honor.


I was personally recognized by the President, CEO & Chairman of DIRECTV for producing an educational campaign that was used cross-departmentally to improve the customer experience. In preparation for a national TV advertising campaign touting a new product, I developed a package that would educate our front lines so they could speak to the product's capabilities and "translate" claims made in the commercials. The materials, made in collaboration with our Marketing and Field Services Video departments, were met with resounding praise from our Sales, Customer Care and Field Services departments.  The effort resulted in better interactions between frontline field personnel and customers in-home, reduced call times with Customer Care agents and increased product sales.


I was part of a team awarded two Silver Anvil awards from the Public Relations Society of America for my work on campaigns involving our financial client.  The PRSA awards Silver Anvils to teams demonstrating creativity, professional skill and resourcefulness on PR campaigns with a budget under $100,000.


"I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Keith. Keith’s abilities as an innovative and intuitive communications leader, always taking a strategic view, was like few I’ve seen before. Each made a dramatic increase in the success of the projects and subsequently the firm. No matter the workload or challenges, Keith made sure everyone left in a better spot and that the project was advancing. As a team member or a leader, anyone would be lucky to get to work with Keith." Chairman/CEO, global Russell 2000 company

"Keith is one of the best hires I’ve ever made." Chief Human Resources Officer, global Russell 2000 company

"As a communications expert, Keith’s creativity and understanding of what audiences need help capture the message and draw them into the piece which delivers every time.  His abilities are some of the best I have seen."  —Chief of Staff, Fortune 10 company

"Keith is an ace."  —SVP, Fortune 10 company

"Keith is a leader who constantly moves forward and takes his people with him. He prioritizes what is right for his teams and his businesses through innovation and collaboration.  Through empathy, through open dialogue, through the small decencies and every other intangible, he draws others in and leads toward positive change."  —Technical Manager, Fortune 100 company

"Keith engenders trust very easily and quickly."  —VP, Fortune 10 company

"As a communications executive and leader, Keith has many talents that set him apart from the pack. He consistently sees the bigger strategic picture and connects the dots on initiatives or goals across the organization when others have missed them, making our campaigns that much more impactful. Keith is incredibly creative in ways that align well within a business context, and he has an innate ability to craft strategies and concepts that engage and motivate a corporate audience." —VP of Talent Management, global Russell 2000 company

"Keith is a well-rounded communicator with a passion for always improving the experience for the end audience.  He's got a strategy-oriented mindset that really contributes to the messaging needed for large-scale initiatives to succeed."  —Manager, award-winning startup

"Keith brings his strong creativity, communications expertise, desire to excel, and key team-player experience to every project I have had the privilege to work with him.  Keith consistently keeps his audience and customer(s) in mind.  Consequently, his results-driven approach lends to a higher-quality product that is both well-received and more easily executed."  —Director of OperationsFortune 10 company

"Keith is a great communicator, networker and content generator.  He is hardworking and creative and most importantly takes pride in his work and his relationship with others.  Keith's enthusiasm is obvious, and his innovative thinking and drive to succeed has always been valued.  His efforts to reach into unknown territory and build his companies' presence have been fruitful.  He is a skilled multitasker while always remaining relevant. This is exemplified in his incorporation of social media, branding and marketing in all arena."  —General Manager, North American division, global S&P 500 company

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