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The Ten Commandments of Workplace Etiquette

It appears there may be a need to reiterate these rules for basic decency in the office.

1.   Thou shalt not microwave fish, nor popcorn.

2.   Unless thou art in a closed private office, thou shalt use earbuds or put the phone to thy ear for calls. None of this "iPhone-on-speaker in public" ridiculousness.

3.   Thou shalt perform Outlook calendar maintenance. If thou art going on vacation or will be out of office, block it out on thy calendar. If thou will miss a meeting – especially one that thou is hosting – cancel or decline it.

4.   Thou shalt not send an e-mail, then ask the recipient in-person or over the phone if they received it.

5.   Thou shalt give thy co-workers a few minutes to start up and get situated when they arrive at the office. Thou shalt not jump on them the second they walk in. 

6.   Thou shalt not use "reply all" to a large group of people to say something simple like "me too" or "stop e-mailing everyone."

7.   If thy co-workers are visibly busy, thou shalt not loiter in their offices/workspace for thy own amusement.

8.   Thou shalt give ample notice when inviting others to meetings. 5 minutes before the meeting starts is not okay.

9.   Also, thou shalt not schedule a full-on meeting when the situation could be resolved by a simple phone call or in-person conversation.

10. If thou exercises during the workday, thou shalt not leave thy stinky gym bag in a communal area where others are subjected to thy foul-smelling workout clothes and sneakers.

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